Texas Ranger Chad Cooper - cocky, charming, scheming, courageous and
an unrepentant womanizer in
On this fan site, we will enentually post at least one page for every one of Peter's many film and television roles. We'll have video grabs, credits, plot summaries, reviews, script notes, memorabilia from comic books to movie posters, links to fan sites for other guest actors and more than a few facetious comments.

And in light of those facetious comments, we make the following proviso: Although Peter was nice enough to make this site his official authorized site, he's only responsible for the signature on his photos. We try to check with him about the facts but he's a busy guy and he travels a lot. So if you find an error, ghastly misstatement of fact, barely significant typo or irritating bad link, corrections are easily made so please let us know.

Peter did many guest shots on television westerns before, after and in between his own series Lawman and Laredo, but eventually the genre almost disappeared from the small screen.

To diehard TV Western fans, Peter Brown will always be one of our favorite stars.
Deputy Johnny McKay - eager, earnest, courageous and sweetly guileless with women in Lawman.
In the 1970s, Peter did what a number of western stars did. He switched from horse operas to soap operas. For twenty years, he "sold soap" in five different daytime dramas. However, unlike some of his fellow western alums (Philip Carey of Laredo & One Life to Live, David Canary of Bonanza & All My Children and Robert Horton of Wagon Train & As the World Turns), Peter maintained a steady presence in films...
Before: Maverick
Between: Cheyenne
After: The Virginian
and on prime time television.
Days of Our Lives
Prince Charming in Summer Magic
Charming villain in Foxy Brown
The Bob Newhart Show
Wonder Woman
Magnum, P.I.
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