Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2002
Peter, Bob Fuller and Alex Cord were at the Calico Heritage Fest at the Calico Ghost Town show in the Barstow, CA area. Thanks to Peter's wife Kerstin (then lady friend) and our friend Sandra for their photos.
The weather cooperated unlike the previous year when the festival was ravaged by high winds. Besides Mo Hunt who owns the rifle from the show Rifleman and one could have a picture taken with that very rifle. Peter, Alex Cord and Robert Fuller were the only celebrities in attendance. They were set up in a tent and even though it rained very lightly on and off, they had a great time mingling with the folks.
Robert Fuller, Peter and his lady friend Kirsten (now his wife) and Alex Cord
Kowboy Kal roping Ken Farmer, Alex, Bob and Peter
Kowboy Kal with the three musketeers
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