Mitch finds the Wizards, who have devil motifs on their jackets, and follows them to their headquarters in the little town of Piru. Mitch makes time with Casey's girlfriend Susan to find out what happened to Kathy. When T.J. finds out Mitch has been asking questions about the accident, he beats on him to find out why he's asking.
Tony Young's Gang vs. William Smith's Gang
Wizard gang member Casey terrorizes Kathy and Helen when they unfort-unately enough share a country highway with the bikers. Their car goes over a cliff when he shatters their windshield with a chain.
NiteOwl Review: Most of the NiteOwls liked the premise of this biker flick but we didn't think Tony Young was believable as Mitch the tough army training sergeant. The guys were surprised that the women didn't like him in this role either. Michael Haynes (Casey) had more credits as a stuntman than as an actor so his fight with William Smith (who was a de facto stuntman himself) was the best fight in the movie. Somehow the fight between Smith and Young didn't have the same panache although Young's stunt double did a nice fight-ending kick on Smith.
Our Favorite Scene: When Mitch comes into the biker bar, he's surrounded by bikers and face to face with T.J. The surly mood is broken by the jangle of the pinball machine where pinball fanatic Gabe is playing on, oblivious to everything around him. T.J. calls out, "Gabriel, can't you see we're menacing someone?" Gabe responds with a quiet, surprised apology and joins the gang circled around Mitch.
Casey terrorizing
 Kathy terrorized
 Helen dead
Kathy's fiancee Mitch and his Sgt. buddies, Al, Jim and Hank, set out to find the guilty party. They know only that a gang of bikers was seen leaving the scene of the accident and Kathy said the word "devils" before she died. Mitch teaches his buddies to operate motorcycles (not choppers) and they split up to locate the gang.
When Mitch won't talk, they decide to transport him up to the Superstitions where the rest of the gang is camping. Mitch is rescued by Al, Jim and Hank. They use requisitioned army training weapons to trap the gang in the canyon and capture them all.
William Smith is improbably
overpowered by Tony Young

Peter Brown overpowers about a dozen
Wizards with the help of tear gas

Cast Note: Herb Jeffries, as the NCO bartender, played the lead in black films such as "Harlem Rides the Range" and "The Bronze Buckaroo", decades before Blaxploitation made an appearance in the 1970s.  The on-screen credits wrongly list him as playing "Ned" the Piru bartender. He was at the Laughlin Westerns Show in November 2000 singing up a storm and going strong into his 90s.
Original release date 1971
Directed by Lee Frost
Written by Michael Allen Haynes,
   David Neibel & Don Tait

William Smith as T.J.
Tony Young as Mitch
Peter Brown as Al
Michael Haynes as Casey
Marvin Gaye as Jim
Michael Stearns as Hank
Herb Jeffries as NCO Bartender

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