Original air date Oct 18, 1957
Directed by Douglas Heyes
Teleplay by Marion Hargrove
Story by Roy Huggins

Regular Cast
Wayde Preston as Capt. Chris Colt

Guest Cast
rin O'Brien as Sister Helen
ndrew Duggan as Rexford
enneth MacDonald as Col. Parker
ob Steele as Sgt. Granger
eter Brown as Dave
COLT .45
"The Peacemaker"
(aka "Judgement Day")
Thanks to Mitch Anheier
for the use of this photo

This was the premiere episode of Colt .45 starring Wayde Preston as Capt. Christopher Colt. Colt was an undercover agent posing as a gun salesman. This episode set up the premise. Colt comes to town, obstensibly to demonstrate the new Colt .45 which was a big advance over the cap and ball pistols used at the time. His real mission is to catch a wanted man who is coming to town to meet Jim Rexford.
Peter Brown has a relatively small part as Dave a town boy who picks up Colt's luggage and takes it into the hotel. Colt hires Dave to gather a crowd for his firearm demo and set up the targets. During the demo, Colt bests Rexford in a shooting competition, earning his animosity. Rexford and his thugs try several times to bait Colt into a gunfight but Colt resists because his army contacts have warned him that Rexford must stay healthy until Collins comes to town. Colt's resistance to fighting Rexford earns him the admiration of missionary Sister Helen who is trying to spread nonviolent Christianity.
In his first discussion with her, Colt utters that famous NRA slogan, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Eventually, Colt is informed Collins has been apprehended elsewhere leaving Rexford with no immunity. When Rexford gives him the choice of facing him in a gunfight or crawling out of town, Colt is reluctant to use his gun out of deference to Sister Helen. However, she lets him know that God did not intend for people to live on their knees. With that benediction, Colt shoots down Rexford when Rexford pulls his gun.
Our first look at Peter
(as Dave) is in profile.

Colt asks Dave to gather a crowd.
Dave a
sks "What for?"
says, "For a dollar."
Peter wearing his hat low
over his eyes.
This became
something of a trademark.

Cast Note: Colt .45 ran from October of 1957 thru September 1960. Due to conflicts with Preston (a not uncommon occurrence with Warners stars) Donald May was added to the cast as Sam Colt Jr. and eventually replaced Preston. Preston achieved some success in Italian films but never achieved any acting success in the states and reportedly died in poverty.
NiteOwl Review: This Colt .45 episode was one of Peter Brown's first westerns played as part of his Warners contract and there wasn't anything to distinguish it. Peter would shortly go on to much better parts in Maverick and Cheyenne and a second Colt .45, "Young Gun" with Charles Bronson.
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