Original release date 1982
Directed by Tom DeSimone
Written by Alan J. Adler

Tracey E. Bregman as Elizabeth
Jill St. John as Warden Fletcher
Barbara Luna as Cat
Nita Talbot as Shelley Meyers
Peter Brown as Danny
Aimee Eccles as Spider
Sondra Currie as Katherine
Susan Meschner as Breaker
Robert Miano as Stone
Niki Dantine as Margo
Marcia Karr as Marcy
Sally Julian as Sweets
Justine Lenore as Max
Kendal Kaldwell as Eyes

NiteOwl Review: There's nothing to set this women in chains movie apart from all the other sleazy entries in this genre except the fact that Peter's in it. Jill St. John was a rather comical warden. Elizabeth was so hopelessly naive and stupid to have covered for Danny that no actress could have shone in the role. Peter has only the six scenes described above but since the second includes a little beefcake (but no more sex than you see in the screen captures) it's worth grabbing on eBay.
Cast Notes: Barbara Luna, a lovely woman in real life, made a convincing queen bitch. She made appearances in dozens of prime time television shows including a Laredo and a Star Trek. She costarred with William Smith in Gentle Savage, a movie produced by Peter. During his Lawman days, Peter dated actress Suzanne Lloyd after his divorce from Diane Jergens. Afterward, Suzanne married producer Buddy Bregman. In 1963, the Bregmans welcomed a daughter, Tracey Elizabeth, who would (in 1982) star with Peter Brown in The Concrete Jungle.
Interesting Footnote: When one of us started to unfold a poster for Peter to sign at an autograph show, she said to him, "This is from your absolute worst movie role." Peter guessed it was The Concrete Jungle. Actually the poster was for Rape Squad. Maybe the two movies might be a toss-up as his worst movies, but The Concrete Jungle was a much better role for Peter. He was evil but he didn't creep us out.
Peter plays Danny, a cocaine dealer with some stuff to smuggle into the states. He packs it into a pair of skis. When his brother warns him that things are "hot" so the police are on the look-out, Danny assures him that no one will suspect his innocent little snowbunny.
Danny is apparently only courting her for her use as a mule and maybe for the sex. Yes, definitely for sex.
Danny takes her to the airport where his brother checks the baggage and the skis. Danny is staying behind a couple of days "on business." He gives her a loving goodbye hug and then watches smugly as she boards the plane.
Elizabeth soon learns that an innocent face doesn't fool drug sniffing dogs.
Danny, of course, rushes to the jail and assures her that he's hired a great lawyer who will have her out in no time. He insists there was a mix-up. He was supposed to be carrying the skis with the drugs and he only did it to make enough money for them to get married. Danny seems to have forgotten that non-attorney phone visits are monitored, visitors are logged in and they already know she's covering for someone. Luckily for Danny, the script writers also forgot.
The attorney wasn't quite as good as promised and soon Elizabeth is low on the food chain in the concrete jungle with only her photo of Danny to comfort her. The powers to be dealt with are the warden, the boss prisoner and the reform crusader.
We see the usual prison abuse. Apparently Kat (Barbara Luna) and the warden have a drug dealing business going. A guard is shown raping a prisoner who screams in unison with another prisoner having a baby, probably the result of another rape. The warden is covering up the drug ring and a murder or two, not to mention the sexual and physical abuse she allows the guards and her pet prisoners to inflict. Kat lets Elizabeth know she runs things. The reformer tries to get Elizabeth to turn informant but Elizabeth is afraid she'll be murdered.

When Danny comes to visit, he's full of assurances of his love but mainly wants to make sure she won't turn him in. She tells him she loves him but he looks after her as though she wasn't quite as convincing as he would have liked. After much complication, the warden decides Elizabeth presents a threat. Kat and the guards beat her up and throw her in solitary. Only the intercession of the crusader saves her life.
Elizabeth agrees to help the crusader on two conditions. First, she will be paroled. Second, they'll take Danny down. Danny is arrested after selling $50,000 worth of drugs to a lovely undercover agent. As they're slapping on the cuffs, the agent tells Danny "Elizabeth sends her best"...and Elizabeth goes free.
This is a typical "women in prison" movie. A young innocent girl is wrongfully thrown into prison with rapist guards, hard talking situational lesbians, drug dealing cons and corrupt prison officials. Peter plays the drug dealing boyfriend who put her there. The following synopsis centers largely on Peter's part. If you want to know about the whole movie, you'll have to find it on eBay where it pops up pretty regularly. The NiteOwls Video Group watched this during our "women in prison" film festival. But that was a while ago and no one was about to watch it carefully again. So we're mostly skipping to the Peter parts.
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