Original release date 1974
Directed by Jack Hill
Written by Jack Hill

Pam Grier as Foxy Brown
Peter Brown as Steve Elias
Antonio Fargas as Link Brown
Terry Carter as Michael Anderson
Kathryn Loder as Katherine Wall
Sid Haig as Hays
Juanita Brown as Claudia
Harry Holcomb as Judge Fenton
Sally Ann Stroud as Deb
Bob Minor as Oscar
Tony Giorgio as Eddie
Fred Lerner as Bunyon
Judy Cassmore as Vicki
H.B. Haggerty as Brandt
Boyd "Red" Morgan as Stauson
Jack Bernardi as Tedesco

When Foxy Brown's brother Link is cornered at a local taco stand by Eddie and Bunyan, who are after him because of his failure to make payment in a dope deal, he frantically phones Foxy to come to his rescue. As the two hoods close in, Foxy appears, out maneuvers the two thugs and takes Link to her apartment to hide. The two thugs work for a local dope ring run by Steve Elias for his lover Miss Katherine. Link is clearly a morally weak creep taking advantage of his sister's feeling of family obligation.
Foxy's boyfriend was an undercover narcotics agent "killed" in the line of duty in order to protect him from the dope ring. Plastic surgery has turned him into the handsome Terry Carter but Link somehow recognizes him and decides he can use this knowledge to pay his debt to Elias. When Michael is assassinated by Elias' men Foxy forces Link at gunpoint to reveal the identity of the mob leaders.
Foxy goes undercover as one of Miss Katherine's high class call girls. At Miss Katherine's girls are being primped and coached under the direction of Miss Katherine. Elias views the proceedings with lecherous attention while trying not to get caught by Miss Katherine who clearly has the upper hand in their relationship. Miss Katherine uses the girls not only as a source of income, but as a means to provide protection for their drug dealers. To that end Foxy is sent out with Claudia to service a judge who will be hearing the case of two of their street dealers the next day. Claudia is an experienced call girl who longs to join her husband and little boy but is not permitted to leave her employment.
Foxy talks a doped up Claudia into double-crossing Miss Katherine by humiliating the judge who ends up in a public hallway without his pants. In return the judge throws the book at the drug dealers. Foxy's attempt to keep Claudia safe in her apartment is thwarted when the addicted Claudia wanders over to a lesbian bar where the proprietor has been instructed to keep her there until Elias' people arrive. A fight ensues when Foxy tries to extract Claudia from the bar. Foxy manages to get Claudia away, but is herself caught by Elias and his thugs, although not without inflicting some damage.
Foxy is drugged and sent to be beaten and raped by two degenerates pending shipment to a whorehouse in Haiti. Foxy manages to escape, leaving the two degenerates to burn to death in their shack.
Foxy persuades the local black vigilantes, who have been ridding her neighborhood of low level drug dealers, to help her take down Miss Katherine's drug ring. Elias tries to persuade Link to tell him where Foxy is. The cowardly Link would have spilled his guts had he known Foxy's whereabouts; Elias spills Link's guts with a shotgun because he doesn't.
Foxy persuades the pilot transporting a shipment of dope to Elias to give her a joy ride. After the plane lands, Foxy takes it over as the vigilante force breaks thru a security barricade. They manage to wipe out most of Elias' gang. A special act of vengeance is reserved for Elias himself, an act which is going to put a serious crimp in his ability to service Miss Katherine in the future. Foxy goes to Miss Katherine with a pickle jar containing the bloody trophy collected from Elias and a handgun hidden in her Afro. She takes out two more gang members and leaves Miss Katherine hysterical over Elias' new disability.
Our Favorite Scenes: There was a male/female split in our Thursday NiteOwl Video Group vote for favorite scene. The women mostly went for the obvious...Steve's dénouement. The guys just couldn't get around the "cringe" factor on that scene. A lot of them liked the scene at Miss Katherine's where she tells one of her "girls" heading on an undesirable date, "just think of someone you want to be with." The girl immediately looks over at Steve, who winks at her. Miss Katherine then proceeds to lambaste the girl over some imagined flaw.

And the Winner Is: We finally settled on a funny scene we all liked. Steve is leaving to pick up the dope and Miss Katherine is all over him as he tries to leave. Peter takes the scene a little over the top with some theatrical eye rolling, but does a great job of conveying the trapped feeling of an attractive man, who for reasons of money and power, must flatter and make love to a woman who disgusts him physically.
NiteOwl Review: Foxy Brown is our favorite blaxploitation film. Our video group did a four-Thursday marathon of blaxploitation films including Coffy, the first Shaft movie, Superfly, Black Caesar, Blacula and three with William Smith as the villain, Hammer, Black Samson and Boss. We can't pretend that a bunch of mostly white yuppies have much to say about 1970s blaxploitation movies intended to empower a black audience. But even from our perspective, it was obvious Foxy had everything a classic blaxploitation film needed, revenge on powerful white villains, black adults in love scenes, blacks working together to rid their neighborhood of drug dealers, a slimy black creep with a white girlfriend, action and (for both the feminists and the men) a woman warrior.
Plus, Foxy had villains which were a cut above. Although we do love William Smith as a blaxploitation villain extraordinaire, the Miss Katherine/Steve Elias match gave villainy a nice twist. Where Bill Smith was aways a strong, mean, dominating Rottweiller of a villain, Peter was a sleek, nasty Doberman with a choke chain around his neck attached to a leash held by a fawning woman who turned him into a resentful lap dog.
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