Original release date 1964
Directed by Douglas Heyes
Written by Douglas Heyes

Ann-Margret as Jody
John Forsythe as David
Peter Brown as Ron
Patricia Barry as Vera
Richard Anderson as Grant
James Ward as Buck
Diane Sayer as Midge
Ann Doran as Mavis
Patrick White as Varden

Jody Dvorak, on the run from juvenile hall, breaks into the home of David Stratton while he is out with friends and his wife and daughter are out of town. When David discovers Jody asleep in his daughter's bed, she uses threats and deception to keep him from calling the police. Jody convinces him she will go to an aunt in Los Angeles if he will get her some street clothes and take her to the bus depot. He does.
When David sees the TV news at his club, he is appalled to learn that Jody knifed a matron and set fire to the juvenile hall when she escaped. He is more appalled when he returns home to find that Jody has also returned. She threatens to cry rape and ruin his political ambitions and his marriage if he tries to throw her out.
Things really head downhill for David when three threatening delinquent friends of Jody's invade his residence in response to a phone call. In Movies We Love to Hate, Ron and Buck are described as her "pretty boy pals." Peter plays Ron, the leader of the pack who puts on pseudo intellectual airs by spouting psycho/philosobabble. Buck, on the other hand, is strictly a low-life muscular beach bum. They are accompanied by Midge whose biggest asset is her sports car.

During the course of some horseplay, Buck stabs Ron who despite his "it won't hurt unless he thinks it will" philosophy, clearly needs medical attention. Midge takes flight in her car, leaving David as their only means of transportation.
They decide to drive to a doctor over the border in Tijuana. Ron, by now bleeding like the proverbial stuck pig, is unceremoniously dumped in front of a doctor's office. They also manage to ditch Buck. Jody forces David to take her to hide out at a motel from her now-angry cohorts, but refuses to give him back his car keys unless he gets her a bottle of liquor.
While on that errand, he runs into his politically connected friends who are there on an excursion to which he had been invited. He makes an excuse about his car being broken down and needing the liquor to pay the mechanic. David is forced to beat a hasty retreat to the motel when an angry Ron spots him.
Before David can get back to San Diego, Ron and Buck show up at Jody's motel room where Buck beats David unconscious. Jody and David get away after she smashes the liquor bottle over Buck's head. However, Jody's race to get David to a doctor turns into disaster as Ron and Buck force them off the road where both cars are demolished in a fiery crash. David is thrown clear and will recover. With her dying words, Jody clears David of all involvement by telling the law she had been in the car with Ron and Buck.
Some lobby cards and movie posters for Kitten with a Whip...
The Kitten with a Whip press kit write up for Peter is called, "Actor Peter Brown Declines to Limit Himself to Acting." It starts out, "'An actor works in a make-believe world, but he should not live in one' declares Peter Brown, handsome young thespian featured in Universal's Kitten with a Whip, starring Ann-Margret and John Forsythe, now at the  ________ Theatre."
Apparently, Peter recognized that acting is a perishable business and advised actors to take advantage of their dry spells to develop other skills. According to the interview, Peter was studying directing and production and going to night school to learn Spanish. The latter was part of a plan to buy a ranch in Mexico to raise bulls for the bullfighting arena. According this release, Peter had made the acquaintance of the leading names in the bullfighting world and was learning the art himself. We have to admit, this bullfighting connection made most of our NiteOwls group squeamish.
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