The picture directly above left indicates that Peter got together with Jo Morrow and Diane Cannon. Could that be Dyan Cannon?

Peter's "look" changed from year to year on Lawman - short hair, Elvis hair, tipped hair. For at least part of one season he sported the open shirt look that exposed most of his chest. The shirt was also so tight that it had to include an anachrohnistic zipper hidden in a side seam or he wouldn't have been able to get into it.

The little picture above of Peter in a fight scene on the Lawman set is from "The Prodigal" in which Peter fought 6'4" Tony Young.  Although topped by 4 inches in height, Peter did not appear to be at a disadvantage in the fight. Peter would later team up with Tony in the biker movie Chrome and Hot Leather in which they both played Viet Nam vets looking for the bikers who were responsible for the death of Tony's fiancee.

The large picture above right is one of Peter's best poses - the embodiment of the earnest young deputy.

When we took this scrapbook to Peter to autograph at the Laughlin, Nevada show (Nov 2001), we asked how many of these photo dates were real and how many were publicity pairings. Although he didn't give a specific response, as he went thru the book he pointed out some of those that were strictly publicity (e.g. Peter never competed with Bob Fuller and Burt Reynolds for Connie Steven as suggested in the two photos above). As he briefly made comments about some of the women, it was clear that Peter is not only a man who loves women, he's also a man who likes women.

There are a number of pictures of Peter and Barbara Luna in the cowboy and Indian outfits in this scrapbook. According to both of them, they never actually dated but went to a costume party benefit where the pictures were taken. Barbara is still quite beautiful and very gracious to fans.

The girl identified as Susan Floyd in the little picture bottom right was credited as Suzanne Lloyd in the
Lawman episode "Girl From Grantsville" (4-10-60). In the episode, the girl she played was much too sophisticated for sweet, innocent Johnny, but we doubt if there was any such problem in real life.
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