#17 - "Above the Law"
1965 - 1966
This episode was clearly a pilot for a Jack Lord series. He plays Jab Harlan, a gun for hire with the clothes of a gun for hire who has no need for blending in. Harlan is hired by the wife of an innocent man destined to hang in Kansas as the partner of Brad Scanlon, a robber and murderer.
Some Pilot Trivia: Turnabout is fair play. Back in 1963, an episode of Lord's series Stoney Burke was used as a pilot for a proposed series to be called Border Town costarring William Smith as a sheriff on the American side of border interacting with his Mexican counterpart ("Point of Entry" 3-4-63). Neither series got past the pilot. Smith later spent a year on Hawaii Five-0, Lord's most successful series.
NiteOwl Review: A watchable episode only for Jack Lord fans.
Jab arranges for Scanlon to escape so he can follow him to his real partner and the $60,000 they stole. Scanlon thinks his partner, Frank Garrett, arranged for the key in the sandwich and the runaway wagon which allowed his escape when in fact Garrett had always planned to keep the whole $60,000 for himself.
Jack Lord as Jab Harlan
Scanlon, followed by Jab, pass near enough to Laredo for Reese to get in on the chase in a minor capacity. (Brown and Smith make only cameo appearances here.) Scanlon is killed by Garrett's men but Jab gets to Garrett through Scanlon's girlfriend Lilah, returns the money and clears the innocent man.
Jab and the condemned man's wife Ruth
Scanlon extracting key from sandwich
Original air date Jan 13, 1966
Directed by Richard Benedict
Written by John McGreevey

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
ack Lord as Jab Harlan
Lola Albright as Lilah Evans
ohn Kellogg as Brad Scanlon
Myron Healey as Frank Garrett
Laraine Stephens as Ruth Phelps
al Baylor as Mott
Jonathan Hole as Millford Jenkins
Anthony Hayes as Tom Phelps
aurie Mitchell as waitress
ack Grinnage as sandwich vendor
Joel Ellen as barber
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