#16 - "The Calico Kid"
1965 - 1966
Chad and Joe are sent to stop the Ramirez gang from taking over Guarded Wells. After they dispose of the gang, the grateful town showers them with free food, rooms and whiskey.
NiteOwl Review: Another of our favorite episodes. We have a "high end" Joe here. That is, the characters of Chad, Reese and the Captain were pretty consistent from episode to episode after the pilot. Bill Smith's Joe seemed to vary from highly capable, "street smart" to physically strong but not so bright.
Chad comes up with a plan to get them a few days vacation to enjoy the hospitality. They wire the Captain that the Calico Kid is coming to Guarded Wells, requiring their intervention. Jacobus Carson, who hired the Ramirez gang to disrupt the town, has plans to steal a wagon load of gold bullion stored in the bank. He takes advantage of the Calico Kid scare, dressing up in a calico shirt to blame his robbery on the Kid.
The ladies of Guarded Wells show their appreciation
The Captain, who discovers that the Calico Kid was a highwayman over 30 years ago, rides toward Guarded Wells with Reese to bust Chad and Joe. He spots Chad in the distance, also dressed as the Calico Kid. He catches up with Chad just as he and Joe have fortuitously rounded up Carson's gang. When the Rangers troop back to Guarded Wells with the Carson gang and the wagon full of gold bullion in tow, the town once again wants to shower them with the good life. The Captain, now understanding the reason for the Calico Kid story, sends Chad, Joe and Reese back to Laredo, intending to partake of the town's gratitude himself.
Lorrie tells Chad goodbye before he and Joe face the Calico Kid
Our Favorite Scene: is one in which after Joe comes up with a plan that puts Chad in the hot seat. Chad comments to the effect that if he didn't know better he'd think that Joe was he and he was Reese.
Original air date Jan 6, 1966
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Teleplay by Gene L. Coon
Story by S.S. Schweitzer

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
George Chandler as Sam Lowell
imsy Farmer as Lorrie Thatcher
esley Lau as Jacobus Carson
arry Hickox as hotel clerk
Naomi Stevens as Carmelita
an Arvan as bartender
alo Rios as Pepe
harles Horvath as Ramirez
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