1966 - 1967
#43 - "Oh Careless Love"
NiteOwl Review: We disliked this episode because none of us were ever amused by Laredo's F-Troop style Indians and this episode was the worst because it spent more time with them. (Shelley Morrison did bring something more enjoyable to Linda Little Trees but there's no one like her here.) The main saving grace of this episode was lots of William Smith but even that couldn't save it for most of us except for a few of the more smitten women in our group. Chad does a nice little jump on his horse then disappears until the end. If you like Reese's comic antics even without Chad and Joe stirring the pot, you might like this better than we did. Not a highly recommended episode. For diehard Smith or Brand collectors only.
The Captain sends Chad to get the Indian Affairs Commissioner. (We get to see Peter Brown perform a nice little jump with his horse, no double but then he's gone until the end.) He sends Joe and Reese to handle "preliminary negotiations," that is meant to stall. The Captain stays to restrain the wagon master who can't wait to start fighting even though it will start a massacre.
While in the Indian camp, Reese beats Many Horses in several competitions. Now the Chief's daughter, Lost Bird (should have been Princess Hideous Giggle) wants to marry Reese instead of Many Horses. Kicking Bear makes that one of his demands. The Captain tells Reese to play along until the Commissioner gets there.
While Reese is purified for his marriage in the sweatbox, Joe socializes with a lovely young maiden.  Reese is then challenged to more competition by Many Horses. Reese out dances him then wins a wrestling match. He starts to realize that winning is just making him a more desirable husband. He then fakes an arm injury to force Joe to take his place at a knife throwing competition, which he wins. Then suddenly Reese's leg hurts too much to ride, so Joe wins the horse race.
When the commissioner finally arrives, Reese has convinced Lost Bird that Joe is the hero and she'll get more presents if she marries Joe. In order to buy Joe out of this dilemma, the Captain offers Lost Bird more presents if she forgets Joe. She demands and gets Chad's new pearl-handled revolver, Reese's new boots, the Captain's favorite horse and a Conestoga wagon. However, Joe is forced to stay with the tribe until they can locate a Conestoga. Reese naturally makes the best of the turned tables to make Joe miserable.
Cast Note: Robin, who like the NiteOwls, apparently watched too much tv as a kid, remembers Peg Mondo playing exactly the same kind of hideous giggler as a native girl in an episode of McHale's Navy. Mondo also appeared as a comical senorita in an episode of Lawman ("The Man Behind the News") but had not yet perfected her giggling. When you have a talent, make the most of it.
The Chief's daughter wants Reese
The basic plot is that Chief Kicking Bear has a wagon train pinned down. He will wipe them out unless he gets what he wants from the "Great White Father."
Original air date Dec 23, 1966
Directed by Charles Rondo
Written by Gilbert Ralston

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Robert Wolders as Erik Hunter
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
homas Gomez as Kicking Bear
eg Mondo as Lost Bird
en Scott as Jim Barnett
arry Chance as Many Horses
inton Hayworth as Sullivan
incent St. Cyr as Medicine Man
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