#27 - "The Deadliest Kid in the West"
1965 - 1966
Lance Mabry returns to his neglected farm to find his young daughter has run away from boarding school. Mabry was wounded in a train robbery committed with a gang of war buddies he took up with after his wife's death. After being wounded, he heard the others gambling with his share of the money, intending to leave him for dead. Mabry takes off with all the loot. Hearing riders while he is with his daughter and fearing the gang has tracked him down, Mabry sends Kim to hide in the root cellar.
Chad, Joe and Reese track Mabry to his farmhouse. When they approach, gun fire comes from the house. Chad and Reese climb in a back window. They find their adversary is young Kim, who holds them at rifle point. She puts up a fight when Joe grabs her through the front window. She kicks Reese and slams Joe's hand in the window. Chad's shirt is her next victim when Chad attempts to arrest her wounded father.
Reese tells the Captain they were fighting off thirty outlaws, who set the farmhouse on fire. Mabry is killed while bravely running out to give the others a chance to escape. Unbeknownst to the Rangers, Mabry has decided that a life on the run is no place for Kim. He's given himself up and told the Captain the whole story, including the fact that there were only six desperadoes. The boys are spared the Captain's full wrath because he, too, was won over by Kim. They end up serving the usual week of stable duty.
Once Kim is contained, Joe whips up an Indian poultice and saves Mabry's life. In the meantime, Kim separately wins the heart of each of the Rangers, making them all reluctant to have her find out that her father is an outlaw. Reese is even more reluctant to see her put in an orphanage. The gang arrives and is quickly dispatched. The boys come up with a plan to let Mabry and Kim escape. While he rides off, they put up a marker showing he's been killed along with the rest of the gang.
NiteOwl Review: Another of our top ten favorites. We liked watching each Ranger interact in his own way  with the little girl.

Missy gets the drop
on the Rangers

Mabry is desperate to
insure Missy's safety

Original air date Mar 31, 1966
Directed by Leon Benson
Written by Gerry Day

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
ack Kelly as Lance Mabry
Gina Gillespie as Kim Mabry
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