#14 - "The Heroes of San Gill"
1965 - 1966
When Reese returns from an assignment, Chad lets him win a coin toss for the honor of being acting captain. Chad then alters a telegram to say that an escapee is headed for Mexico and tricks Reese into assigning them to track him down. Once in San Gill, Chad and Joe's fun is disrupted when they spot the Captain and spend the last of their money on masks and serapes.
NiteOwl Review: Another top ten favorite which used the classic Laredo formula, a Chad and Joe scheme which goes bad but ends up for the best.
Reese finds out about their duplicity and tracks them to San Gill. Some assassins planning to kill Mexican officials believe the Rangers are there to guard the officials. The Rangers end up in a locked room with a store of fireworks which they use to alert the Captain to the presence of a gattling gun. They then race back to Laredo hoping the Captain doesn't figure out they disobeyed instructions. When the Captain returns, he assigns them to track down the proper recipients of three medals and three gun belts believed to belong to the heroes who prevented the assassination. He also assigns them to stable duty while he goes on a picnic with their lady friends.
The Heroes
Capt. Parmalee relaxes with Capt. Maguilas
Joe (rabbit) and Chad (devil)
hiding from Capt. Parmalee

Reese appropriately chooses a frog mask
Fireworks vs. Gattling Gun
Captain Parmalee places the fiesta town of San Gill off-limits to the Rangers, much to the dismay of Chad and Joe whose lady friends are headed that way. The Captain leaves them in charge of the office, not telling them he's headed to San Gill to give a speech.
Original air date Dec 23, 1965
Directed by Paul Stanley
Written by Calvin Clements

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
onny Chapman as Julius
heo Marcus as Waldo
oodles Weaver as Wilbur
arguerita Cordova as Vendor
ordan Whitfield as Alfie
illiam Phipps as Hollen
odolfo Hoyos as Capt. Maguilas
o Marie Ward as Renee
rancine Pyne as Dora
ess Kirkpatrick as Vernon
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