#12 - "The Land Grabbers"
1965 - 1966
The Rangers are sent to a land rush to keep things legal
NiteOwl Review: Another balanced episode which played on the strengths of all four regulars. Not quite a top ten for us, but definitely a worthwhile episode.
 The Captain assures Commissioner Smoot that any Rangers taking bribes, filing claims or in any way showing favoritism would face prison. While patrolling the registration area, Chad escorts the beautiful widow Coverly to her wagon. Reese meets young Robert Coverly who interrupts Reese's bragging about Indian fighting to brag about his grandfather, Major Donaldson of the Kyber, who has fought real India Indians. They are both invited to tea which is interrupted when Joe rats them out to the Captain.
The Rangers have their hands full rounding up sooners, stopping fights, preventing thugs from muscling legitimate homesteaders off their claims. But when Major Donaldson collapses after staking out river land, Chad puts on his uniform and rides back to register the claim. Reese has broken Smoot's glasses so he doesn't recognize Chad. Joe diverts the Captain with a phony fire alarm. They think they've fooled the Captain but after they leave the fort behind them, he lets them know he wasn't fooled by fires without smoke or Lancers riding western saddles.
Chad charming Widow Coverly
Reese and Robert Coverly
Reese and Chad at tea
Commissioner Smoot
Chad, in disguise, registers the Major's land
Schemes uncovered
Original air date Dec 9, 1965
Directed by R.G. Springsteen
Written by Ric Hardman

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
red Clark as Commissioner Smoot
udrey Dalton as Alice Coverly
lan Napier as Major Donaldson
art Burns as Burt Sparr
ic R. Roman as Yakima
eith Jones as Robert Coverly
ennis McCarthy as Clanton
orman Leavitt as Oakes
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