1966 - 1967
#39 - "One Too Many Voices"
He figures it must be someone close to the players who knew Whitby was coming to Laredo. No one but Frank Nicholson, the host, knows Whitby by sight but the kidnappers know his voice. Reese will pose as Whitby at the poker marathon with Chad as his valet. Reese will give the kidnappers the chance to kidnap him and Joe will keep watch so he can track them to their hideout.
In a more believable variation on the ubiquitous physical double theme, Reese finds his voice double in the person of San Francisco millionaire Emerson Whitby, III. Whitby has come to Laredo to take part in a marathon poker game with several other millionaires and the lovely Sabrina Lane. After the Rangers thwart an attempt to kidnap Whitby from the stagecoach, Erik comes up with a plan to catch the mastermind of the plot.
Sabrina, sets her sights on charming Reese while the poker game goes into the night. In the meantime at the hotel, Chad is beating Whitby at blackjack and Joe is keeping watch in the bushes in sight of the millionaire's mansion. They play until morning when Frank suggests a morning quail hunt. As expected, Reese is jumped by the kidnappers. However, he puts up such a good fight that Joe is forced to reach out from his watch post in the bushes and conk him on the head with his gun butt.
NiteOwl Review: A good episode for the second season. They did a nice job of dubbing Neville Brand's voice into the other character. All four Rangers had a part of the storyline. Not a top ten but one worth having. Of course, we're prejudiced. To us the best episodes have Chad and Joe as a team, usually successfully tricking Reese and unsuccessfully trying to fool the Captain. This wasn't one of those.
Voice Doubles: Reese and Emerson Whitby, III
The captain interrupts a poker game
"You sound like me"
with word of the kidnap plot
Erik has a plan
that Chad doesn't like
Joe stays in the background
Chad tries to make Reese
look like a millionaire

Emerson waxes eloquent
Sabrina Lane
Chad not so happy with the
trade of assignments

Joe watches
Sabrina charms Reese
Chad winning at blackjack, at first
Sabrina sees a picture of Reese
Chad starts losing and writing IOUs
Joe finds Reese trussed up
but relaxes before untying him
Erik is easily distracted
Sabrina starts a fire in the hallway
and in Chad
Sabrina is overcome and can't
charm her way out of it
Joe pulls out Chad's IOUs
he won from Whitby

Erik plans to guard the real Whitby at the hotel where they will wile away the time playing blackjack. Everyone but Chad is happy about the plan. Reese can't believe Chad doesn't want to go along as his servant. When Erik meets Sabrina, his interest in blackjack with Whitby wanes and he tricks Chad into trading assignments, a deal Chad is happy about until he meets Sabrina. Reese is not as happy with his assignment when the Captain tells him he can  keep the winnings only if he's willing to also pick up the losses.
The kidnappers take Reese to a shack where they put up with his millionaire demands. However, when Sabrina sees Reese in a picture of the Company B Rangers and then hears Whitby's voice from behind the door at the hotel, she gets word to the gang that they have a fake Whitby. They leave him tied up for Joe to rescue and head to town to grab the real millionaire. Sabrina distracts Erik, sets a fire in the hotel hallway, then distracts Chad long enough for the gang to stick Whitby in a trunk. The Rangers rescue Whitby, then stash him in the Ranger barracks with Joe on guard. They prove Sabrina is the mastermind by catching her when she comes for the ransom money.
Original air date Nov 18, 1966
Directed by William Witney
Written by John McGreevey

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Robert Wolders as Erik Hunter
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
hitney Blake as Sabrina Lane
im Goodwin as Emerson Whitby, III
ill Fletcher as Moran
al Baylor as Tatoo
art Burns as Jencks
yle Talbot as Frank Nicholson
obert Foulk as Virgil Porter
oster Brooks as Harry Tyson
teve Raines as stage driver
oward Wright as hotel clerk
une Smaney as Magdalena
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