Original air date Dec 15, 1965
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Teleplay by Edward J. Lakso
Story by George Baxter

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
mile Genest as Andre Boucher
tacy Harris as DuBois
obert Boon as Paul
obert Phillips as Sgt.
ete Dunn as Pierre
#15 - "A Medal For Reese"
1965 - 1966
NiteOwl Review: A pretty decent episode using the best Laredo formula, Chad and Joe manipulating Reese time and again. Not quite a top ten.
While Reese is stuck in the stable, Chad and Joe escort an army payroll wagon. A couple of diversions lure Chad and Joe and the army guard away from the wagon, which is taken by French soldiers.
Chad and Joe trick Reese into volunteering for stable duty
When Chad and Joe infiltrate the camp to recover the payroll, they're captured. In the meantime, Reese is used as a decoy to lure the Captain and a new payroll wagon into an ambush. The French leader then puts Reese before a firing squad as a spy. However, in his absence, Chad and Joe have freed themselves and joined the firing squad in disguise. The Rangers gain the upper hand, kill or capture everyone and recover the stolen payrolls.
Back in Laredo, Chad and Joe perpetrate a really mean-spirited trick on Reese. They tell him the governor sent him a gold medal for his bravery in infiltrating the enemy camp and facing the firing squad with a smile on his face. When Reese reports to the Captain for his medal, the Captain puts Chad and Joe on stable duty for a week as payment for their duplicity. And for once we think they deserved it.
Reese posing as a gunrunner
Chad and Joe captured
Reese faces the firing squad not realizing at first that Joe and Chad have infiltrated it
Reese spruced up to get his medal
The French had property and position under Maxmillian and are raising money to take over Mexico again. Reese walks into their camp pretending to have money to invest in their venture. However, he gets misinformation about the size of their forces.
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