#13 - "The Pride of the Rangers"
1965 - 1966
Reese was on assignment in Houston and made no appearance. Jess will challenge the Cavalry boxing champion on July 4th. However, due to a series of mine shipment holdups by the Pryor gang, the holiday has been cancelled for the Rangers. Self righteous Ranger Gruber intends to enforce the Captain's orders.
NiteOwl Review: A good episode, not top ten, but worth collecting. According to William Smith he broke   Mike Mazurki's nose during their fight scene, only one of two times he injured someone in a stunt.
Cast Note: George Kennedy was another of the actors considered to replace Neville Brand. It had become clear early on that Brand was having great difficulty meeting the demands of series television.
In order to trick the Pryor gang, a shipment of silver bullion is secretly deposited in the bank vault in Laredo. Half the Rangers wait at the mine for the Pryors while the other half guard the bank. However, unbeknownst to everyone, Wilson Jones, the supposed representative of the miners insurance company, is the leader of the gang. He is privy to the trap. He encourages Chad, Joe and Jess to leave the bank to fight the cavalry boxer. While they're gone, the gang overpowers the remaining Rangers and takes the silver. Chad and Joe capture the gang, recover the silver and almost convince the Captain they're heroes.
Tough but not-so-bright Ranger Jess
played by George Kennedy
Cavalry big-mouth Monahan and Pvt. Percy Flower
Gruber keeps an eye on Chad and Jess
Gang leader Wilson Jones
Joe replaces Jess in the ring
Joe and Chad capture the bad guys
Original air date Dec 16, 1965
Directed by Tony Leader
Written by John McGreevey

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
eorge Kennedy as Jess Moran
ichael Shaughnessy as Monahan
enry Gibson as Freddy Gruber
obert Cornthwaite as Wilson Jones
ames Griffith as Deke Pryor
ike Mazurki as Pvt. Percy Flower
K.L. S
mith as Hendricks
oward Wendell as Barcroft
lyde Howdy as Hughes
nne Dore as Linda Sue
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