#25 - "A Very Small Assignment"
1965 - 1966
The episode opens with Chad, Joe and Reese saving a wagon train from Indian attack. When the Captain assigns them to capture the Indians in question, Chad and Joe complain of fatigue from five days in the saddle. It's a mystery why they're tired as the entire opening sequence, including dialogue was taken from the Indian fight in episode seven, "A Question of Discipline," except for the shots of the wagon train taken from the end of episode five, "Three's Company."
NiteOwl Review: An episode for Neville Brand fans only.
Reese reports for sick call
Reese complains of a tooth ache. Unconvinced, the Captain sends him to find the new English schoolmaster who did not arrive on the train as expected. That's the last of Chad and Joe until the end. At the train depot, Reese brags about his assignment, claiming Pringle is the most important man to ever come to Laredo. He's overheard by Anson Jones, waiting for his gang after three years in prison courtesy of Ranger Bennett. Pringle walks into the depot having accidently gotten off the train when it stopped to get a drunk Indian off the tracks many miles back.
On the trip back to Laredo, which is hampered by Pringle's inability to ride a horse, Reese and Pringle are unsuccessfully attacked by the Jones gang. However, when Reese insists on a detour to have Doc Severnson look at his tooth, they ride right into the gang's clutches. Doc is treating Anson for a bullet wound inflicted by Reese. Through assorted measures of bravery, luck and fisticuffs, Reese overcomes the gang and gets Pringle safely home. During the fight his tooth is fixed, leading the other Rangers to believe he was malingering all along.
Anson Jones
and gang
Tooth aching
Pringle vouches for Reese
Not buying it
Original air date Mar 17, 1966
Directed by Paul Stanley
Written by Edward J. Lasko

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
ichard Haydon as Mr. Pringle
en Lynch as Anson Jones
en Lesser as Dirk
aul Mantee as Ed
rik Holland as Harry
tuart Nisbet as Doc Svernson
ank Patterson as station master
laudia Bryar as Mrs. Cook
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