#5 - "Three's Company"
1965 - 1966
An old girlfriend of Chad's comes to Laredo with her railroad tycoon father. Mr. Henderson offers Chad a job at ten times his Ranger pay. Joe and Reese try to break up the two lovers to keep Chad in the Rangers. Instead, their machinations push Chad into a marriage proposal and resignation from the Rangers.
NiteOwl Review: Romance was not Laredo's strong suit. The only interesting interaction between the lovers in this episode is the engagement-ending quarrel near the end. The Captain, Joe and Reese concocting schemes to come between Chad and his girl was just a little too silly (and uncharacteristically mean spirited for the Captain). Not a top ten pick but with enough going for it to make it worthwhile for a collector regardless of which Ranger is his/her favorite.
As Chad is packing to leave, the boys try one last trick. Reese tells Chad that the assignment the captain sent them on, to guard a wagon train from Indian attack, has gone bad. Joe is pinned down with the train and reinforcements are needed. Chad, knowing a scheme when he hears one, finishes his packing.
However, after Reese meets up with Joe, Indians do attack the train. As Chad is about to the board the stage with his fiancée, the Captain is heading out with a small group of Rangers; not enough are available in town for what is needed. Chad tells his fiancée he must go to help his friends, but that he will catch up with the stage in Austin. When she gives him an ultimatum, come with her now or they're finished, Chad tells her she is now, "a woman without a fiancée." He catches up with the Captain, gets reinstated as a Ranger and helps drive off the Indians.
Chad in love, temporarily
Reese reacting to the "fuddadiddle"
clothes Chad wears for his girl

Reese and Joe pinned down
"You're a woman without a fiance"
Original air date Oct 14, 1965
Directed by Bernard McEveety
Written by John McGreevey

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
yrna Fahey as Emily Henderson
avid Brian as Theo Henderson
stelita as Carla
ichard Reeves as Coke
ames Seay as the Marshal
ack Williams as Stubs
idney Clute as bartender
lyde Howdy as rancher
udy Carrella as boy
oni Espinoza as girl
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