1966 - 1967
#55 - "Walk Softly"
This penultimate episode was reminiscent of the first year episodes, without Robert Wolders and with Frederick Shorr producing. Claude Akins took Neville Brand's place one last time. The plot has the three Rangers getting a $50 bonus to escort a wagon carrying a jug of nitroglycerin to the army. The Professor, who knows how to handle the material is coming along because the last transport wagon blew up on the way. Standing in the way of successful completion of their mission is a quick-change artist who intends to steal the nitro and sell it.
Danger lurks everywhere for our heroes. The professor blows up a cast iron skillet to show them the power of a single drop of nitro. Cotton is perturbed that he is required to drive the wagon while Chad and Joe ride behind, way behind.
Chad is surprised by Strade and hung from the rafters. His greatest danger at that point seems to be being poked in the stomach by his pal Joe. Joe is put in comparable danger when a maiden lady mistakes Joe's intentions during his search for the villain disguised as a woman. Even after the villain is captured, the nitro delivered and their bonus collected, Cotton's nerves are on edge.
NiteOwl Review: This was a good episode for the second year. Claude Akins was a nice presence.
Our Favorite Scene was of course the one where Joe pokes Chad in the stomach while he's hanging from the rafters. We wonder how many times they had to do that scene. Bill told us he hates worse than almost anything to be hung upside down like that so he was glad Peter had to do it.
Cast Note: Joe Flynn was a widely used comic actor probably best known as McHale's nemesis on McHale's Navy. He had a supporting part in The Gentle Savage, a movie starring William Smith and produced by Peter Brown.
Original air date Mar 31, 1967
Directed by William Witney
Written by Edward J. Lakso

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Robert Wolders as Erik Hunter
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
alude Akins by Cotton Buckmeister
Joe Flynn as the Professor
George Furth as Carl Strade
Lane Bradford as Lyle
Barbara Pepper as Emma
Helene Winston as woman
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