#10 - "Which Way Did They Go?"
1965 - 1966
The Rangers capture the Slaughter gang and lock them up in San Sabo. While waiting to put the recovered loot in the bank, they meet cultural lecturer/bank robber Miss Em who is having trouble selling tickets to a lecture on Greece. As a joke, Chad and Joe tell her that Reese is the world's best salesman and would be glad to help her. The joke is on them when Reese packs the lecture hall by recruiting a visiting saloon dancer to do an "artistic" dance as a warm-up act. While everyone is at the lecture hall, Miss Em's gang breaks the Slaughters out of jail and robs the bank, hoping it will be blamed on the Slaughters.
While the Rangers are chasing both gangs, Reese's horse goes lame. He comes across Miss Em in her wagon full of books and he borrows it to continue the chase. When Reese follows some tracks off the road on foot, Miss Em shoots a man who is shooting at Reese. The rest of the gang shows up shooting with Chad and Joe not far behind. The only man to survive tells the Rangers that Miss Em is the leader of the gang who turned on them to keep all the money for herself. The money is tucked between the pages of the books in her wagon.
NiteOwl Review: We liked this episode quite a bit. It used all three Rangers to decent advantage and Eve Arden made an interesting villainess. Almost, but not quite, a top ten.
Original air date Nov 18, 1965
Directed by Leon Benson
Written by Gerry Day

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
ve Arden as Miss Emma
yron Healey as Bolt
ichael Stanwood as Lute Slaughter
Lyle Talbot as the Sheriff
ita D'Ammico as Carlotta
Doodles Weaver as man
Grandon Rhodes as Wentworth
Ollie O'Toole as the Farmer
Rex Holman as Dade Slaughter
Lane Bradford as Amos Slaughter
Kelton Garwood as Job
K.L. Smith as Nate
William Vaughn as Abe
George Orrison as Rafe
Harper Flaherty as Linc
David Perna as Son Slaughter

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