#2 - "I See By Your Outfit"
1965 - 1966
On Alamo Day, Chad, Joe and Reese are sent to investigate reports of armed Mexican invaders. Arriving in Porfirio, they find a proud old man who has erected a Mexican flag over the jail. As Reese gets the old man out of the jail, the man's previously obsequious companions, without the old man's approval, take over the town, herding everyone into a saloon.
A Little Laredo Horse Trivia: Chad and Joe rode distinctive horses, a black and a buckskin. After their horses are stolen in this episode, they chased the bandits on appropriated bay horses. Apparently,  footage was filed away labeled "Chad and Joe ride through the countryside." It was hauled out in later episodes when Joe and Chad had to track someone down or give chase. In those episodes they would start off and end up on the black and the buckskin while the middle scenes showed them on the bay horses from this episode.
Cast Note: James Doohan (of Star Trek fame) was a only a year away from beaming aboard the Enterprise as Scotty when he played the tiny part of the town banker in this episode.
NiteOwl Review: One of our top ten favorites. A funny use of the strengths of the three rangers. Chad and Joe played well off each other as they gave chase to the bandits to rescue Reese. Reese has an interesting relationship with the old man who is ashamed of the actions of the young bandits.
Chad and Joe are robbed with the rest of the town
The bandits take everyone's boots, horses and guns and leave with wagons loaded with the town's valuables and with Reese as a hostage. Reese toughs it out as a prisoner, taunting the bandit leader and befriending the old man. Chad and Joe follow the bandits, appropriating horses, guns and boots along the way. After they capture the bandits, Chad gets his gold watch back, Reese gets to fight the bandit leader and the whole gang is taken back to Laredo as prisoners.
Chad and Joe heading out
Chad and Joe thru the countryside
Original air date Sep 23, 1965
Directed by Harvey Hart
Written by John D.F. Black

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
ames Farentino as Paco Vargas
ohn Marley as Alvar de Aveles
ito Scotti as Chicho
arlos Romero as Miguel
ic Roman as Tomas
oberto Contreras as Lopez
aurice McEndree as Juan
ames Doohan as Mike Pripton
eymour Cassel as Jud
ack Coffer as cowboy
ate Murtagh as the dowager
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