"The Love God"
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Original air date Jan 9, 1971
Directed by Frederick De Cordova
Written by Doug Tibbles

Regular Cast
Fred MacMurray as Steven Douglas
William Demarest as Charley O'Casey
Don Grady
as Robbie Douglas
Stanley Livingston
as Chip Douglas
Barry Livingston
as Ernie Douglas
Beverly Garland
as Barbara Douglas
Tina Cole
as Katie Douglas
Dawn Lyn
as Dodie Douglas

Guest Cast
Peter Brown as Mr. Turley
Victoria Meyerink as Margaret
Jodie Foster as Susan
Heather Harrison as Priscilla
Tim Graham as Mr. Brooks
Scott Warner as Ronald Borden
Linda Foster as Ann Carter

My Three Sons was a highly rated family situation comedy series that ran from 1960 to 1965 on ABC-TV in black and white, then in color from 1966 to 1972 on CBS-TV. It chronicled the life of the Douglas family, widower Steve and his three sons. The series originally featured William Frawley as the boys' grandfather "Bub." Frawley was later replaced by William Demarest (as the boys' great uncle) due to health issues after five years.
NiteOwl Review: The part of Mr. Turley in The Love God was tailor made for Peter. It showcased his trademark charm. While we prefer Peter without the facial hair, he nonetheless looked mighty good in this episode of My Three Sons.
Dodie, confiding in her doll Myrtle, tries to convince herself that second grade won't be so bad.
Outside the door of their new classroom, Dodie and her friends discuss the rumor that one of the boys, Ronald Borden, will kiss all the girls in the class. Dodie peaks in the door and sees the back of a man.
A very young Jodie Foster (yellow shirt)
Mr. Turley turns around and introduces himself to the class. Dodie whistles and her friends react to the sight of their handsome new teacher.
The next morning at breakfast, Dodie's mother Barbara, Uncle Charley and brother Ernie are reminiscing about teacher crushes when Dodie comes in and asks "Do you guys notice anybody looking about nine or ten?"
Margaret and Dodie make cookies for Mr. Turney, but they have a bit of trouble understanding the recipe. The finished product is scrapped after Dodie exclaims "They taste like cooked rock!"
Dodie has gotten her head wedged between two of the bars of a wrought iron fence at school. When a concerned Mr. Turley comforts Dodie, her friends lament "I wish I got my head stuck. He's even holding her hand!"
Barbara thanks the maintainence man for freeing Dodie's head. Dodie gleefully introduces her mother to Mr. Turley, who recognizes her as one of his former teachers. Barbara invites him to dinner.
Dodie is crushed when Mr. Turley arrives with his fiance in tow. She stares, heartbroken, at the lovers across the table.
After noticing how Mr. Turley slopped his custard at the dinner table, Dodie's crush evaporates. She then switches her adoration back to Ronald Borden.
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