This is another Peter Brown scrapbook, at least part of one. Our ever vigilant friend Jo Anne Roberts spotted a combination Alain Delon/Peter Brown scrapbook on eBay. When the Delon fan beat her in the auction, she arranged to buy from him the ten pages that pertain to Peter. Whoever put these pages together enjoyed placing pictures of Peter's happy marriages next to by-lines about the break-ups. Like the large scrapbook, Jo Anne was kind enough to lend us the pages so we could add them to this website. Any comments we've added are shown in orange.
"Sgt. Pepper Brown" Peter was very fond of Claudine. They were good friends aside from dating.
The full caption continued: ...were the rage of Hollywood in their matching, his and her leather suits. But now it seems those days are long behind the two. Stiff upper lip, Peter & Yvette! Sad.
The pictures above are from the first season of Lawman. Although the caption states both actors were married to non-professionals, in fact Peter was married to actress Diane Jergens for part of that first season. The caption also states that the actors didn't have regular mounts but rode horses assigned to their day's shooting. However, for the next three seasons Peter rode his own horse Houdini. Peter apparently was better at a steady relationship with a horse than with a wife.
Peter comes off as pretty controlling in this "interview." Either he's changed a lot since then or the interview was mostly made up as those fan interviews tended to be more often than not.
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