Original air date Mar 25, 1958
Directed by Lee Sholem
Teleplay by Teddi Sherman
    & James Gunn
Regular Cast
Clint Walker as Cheyenne Bodie

Guest Cast
aughn Taylor as Doc Johnson
atrick McVey as Sheriff Younger
uss Conway as Marshal Short
right King as the Kiowa Kid
eter Brown as Billy Younger
sabelle Dwan as Powder Kate
uane Grey as Luke Coffey
ohn McKee as Ike Patrick
"Ghost of the Cimarron"
The Kiowa Kid and Doc Johnson
Sheriff Kim Younger
Billy Younger
The "Ghost of the Cimarron" is Doc Johnson, the unlikely looking leader of an outlaw gang. Along with his protégé The Kiowa Kid, his right hand man Luke and three other men, Doc is set to rob the bank in Comanche based on information gathered by Kiowa. When Cheyenne's horse is killed by a mountain lion, he ends up riding into town in Doc's wagon and is mistaken for a member of the gang. The gang is ambushed in a trap set by Kiowa. Since he's getting $200 a head, Kiowa tells the marshal Cheyenne is a new gun working with the gang.
After Cheyenne finds out he can't turn himself in until one of the gang speaks up for him, he holes up at Powder Kate's with an injured Doc. Cheyenne's good manners and barechested macho inspires Kate into an old West makeover.
When they get word  Kiowa has drifted up to the  mining town of Tularosa, Cheyenne and Doc head that way. They run into Sheriff Younger, an old friend of Docs who doesn't know his current occupation. Doc finds out Younger married his old girlfriend who has since died. He lives in town with his son Billy who Doc knows is really his own son. The Sheriff expresses concern that Billy has been hanging out with the young toughs who have drifted into town. While they are eating dinner with the sheriff, Billy comes home with his new friend Nevada Jones who turns out to be Kiowa. They claim to be running wild horses but there's been a mine payroll stolen by two men who seemed to have inside information.
Doc finds out that the Sheriff has a new plan to guard the next mine payroll which Billy doesn't know about. Trying to keep Billy safe, Doc convinces Kiowa that all is forgiven. He tells him that he and Cheyenne will help with the robbery because he knows the desert escape route better than Billy. There will be no need for Billy who they leave tied up. At the last minute Doc knocks out Cheyenne so he will stay out of harm's way himself. Doc leads Kiowa into the trap set by the Sheriff. Kiowa is killed and Doc is mortally wounded. Billy and Cheyenne get there in time for his dying words. Billy is filled with remorse and expresses the intention to tell all to his father. Doc dies without telling Billy that he's his real father.
NiteOwl Review: Peter's role in this episode was another of the many "boy becoming a man" parts he did so well. He didn't have the opportunity to shine too much in this episode because the development of his character was secondary to that of Doc Johnson.
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