"The Bridge"
Original air date Jan 26, 1963
Directed by Richard C. Sarafian
ten by Herman Groves

Regular Cast
Robert McQueeney as Conley Wright
William Reynolds as Capt. Jim Benedict
Robert Ridgely as Frank Kimbro
Richard X. Slattery as John McKenna
Eddie Fontaine as Pete D'Angelo
Roland La Starza as Ernie Lucavich
Robert Gothie as Sam Hanson
Roger Davis as Roger Gibson

Guest Cast
Peter Brown as Lt. Hodges
Ernest Sarracino
as Signor Dinetti
Jana Taylor
as Carla
George Murdock
as Sgt. Varney
Anthony Becket
as Emil Buckner
James Almanzar
as Antonio
Lt. Kimbro leads a squad of volunteers behind enemy lines to destroy a bridge. The location of the bridge would bottle up Nazi forces and set them up for a massive Allied bombing raid. The mission is jeopardized by the clash between two men in the unit, a zealous demolition expert (Peter) and the Italian engineer who designed the bridge.
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