"Lalama Lady"
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Original air date June 20, 1962
Directed by Richard C. Sarafian
Written by Robert J. Shaw

Regular Cast
Robert Conrad as Tom Lopaka
Grant Williams as Greg McKenzie
Connie Stevens as Cricket Blake
Poncie Ponce as Kim

Guest Cast
Peter Brown as Teo
Randy Stuart as Linda Dane
Whit Bissell as Arthur Dane
Pamela Austin as Tink

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NiteOwl Review: Charming and handsome, Peter is perfection in the role of Teo. He is equally effective as the charismatic easy-going Teo as he is the dark and frightening Teo. He is definately a treat for the eyes in this appearance. In fact, we have never seen him look better.
This series ran from 1959-1963. It centered around the cases of Hawaiian Eye Private Investigations, which operated out of the Hawaiian Village Hotel, where the detectives also served as house detectives.

Peter appeared on
Hawaiian Eye at the tail end of his contract with Warner Brothers. Well aquainted with the other guest stars in "Lalama Lady," all three (Randy Stuart, Whit Bissell and Pamela Austin) previously guested on Peter's series, the then recently cancelled Lawman. This season finale episode of Hawaiian Eye aired only a few days before the final series episode of Lawman.
The story begins as Arthur and Linda Dane arrive at the hotel, with Teo (Peter) sitting nearby. When the Danes enter the hotel, Teo leisurely approaches their car and steals Linda's camera.
During their conversation the next morning, it becomes obvious the Danes are not a happy couple. Linda is excited about their stay in Hawaii and tries to get Arthur to commit to seeing the sights with her. Arthur, on the other hand, has his head in his work and pretty much ignores his wife.

Enter house detective Tom Lopaka who returns Linda's camera. He urges her to file a criminal complaint against the jailed thief, but Linda declines. She is satisfied with having her camera back and doesn't want to ruin the thief's life over what she surmises is a case of youthful poor judgement.

When next we see Arthur, he is escorting Teo out of the police station, having paid his bail.

Arthur pays Teo for his services, that of stealing his wife's camera. He then asks Teo to keep Linda occupied during their stay in Hawaii. Arthur calls his mistress Tink to confirm his plans with her.
Teo approaches Linda on the beach. He apologizes for the theft and tells Linda he's broke and doesn't want to go home. He stole her camera to sell in order to stay in Hawaii for a little longer. Linda is skeptical, but eventually accepts the explanation of this handsome and charming young dreamer. Teo insists on applying sun block to Linda back and she responds to his attentiveness. She readily accepts his offer to be her tour guide around the islands.
Having seen Teo getting closer to Mrs. Dane, Tom Lopaka warns her to be wary of him. She brushes him off by insisting that Teo is okay. Tom catches up with Teo at the bar in the lounge where the Danes are watching Cricket (Connie Stevens) sing. Tom pays Teo's bar tab and orders him out of the hotel.
The next day, Teo heads over to Tink's place. He tries to convince her to give him money to buy clothing suitable for escorting Linda around the islands. Meeting her resistance, Teo tells Tink that Linda is his mark because she's wealthly. He also stresses that she (Tink) is the only woman he loves. To prove his point, he draws her in with a kiss.
Linda tries one more time to get Arthur to spend time with her. Again he puts her off and gives her his approval to go sight-seeing with Teo. Teo and Linda spend more time on the beach before he takes her to a Japanese restaurant. Linda is flattered by Teo's attention.
The house detectives are watching when Teo and Linda arrive back at the hotel with Teo driving her car. Linda gives Teo some money. After Linda goes inside, Tom warns Teo he's keeping an eye on him.
Later that evening, Teo takes Linda to a beautiful cliff to see the ocean.
Out of the blue, Teo tells Linda he wants her to divorce her husband and marry him. Linda is incredulous and begins laughing. Just then, a dark side of Teo comes out. He turns his back, then demands she stop laughing at him.
Teo begins insulting Linda. He states her makeup only serves to cover her wrinkles because she's old and undesirable. He grabs her and they wrestle at the edge of the cliff. Teo falls.
Shortly after a devastated Linda drives off, Arthur finds Teo, unharmed, at the bottom of the cliff. Teo says the plan worked perfectly. He expects Arthur to pay him, but Arthur kills him with a blow to the head. Linda reports the accident to Tom, who tells her there may be more going on than she is aware. Tom investigates.
Tom tells Tink about Teo's death. She tells Tom that Arthur plotted against Linda to get rid of her so he could be with Tink. Tink says she really only loved Teo all along but Teo wouldn't settle down with her. Arthur is arrested. Tom reports his findings to Linda just before she departs for home.