A Honda Motorcycle Safety Film
Original air date 1965
Directed by Murray De'Atley
Written by Click Weston

Peter Brown as Host
Mark Devlin
Joyce Redd
Anthony Prutch
Dick Johansen
William Meyer

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Wearing his first season Laredo outfit, Peter rides up to a Universal shooting site on a Honda motorcycle. He tells the audience that even cowboys in Hollywood have taken to riding the back lot range this new and fun way.
With William Smith on his buckskin horse in the background, Peter mounts his own horse and is apparently off to shoot an action sequence of Laredo. (Bill, of course, became well known for his biker roles in the 1970s where he was always seen on a Harley hog. He was probably chortling over Peter and his little Honda.)
The scene then switches to Peter on a sound stage introducing the safety film he is about to narrate.
The scene then fades to the home of a young man trying to persuade his father a motorcycle is safe. They go consult a motorcycle officer who is happy to give a lecture on motorcycle safety.
After the boy gets his cycle, he gets detailed instructions from the dealer, a helmet advisory from a history professor and a lovely young coed whose helmet doesn't look like it would meet modern safety standards.
Peter narrates a fairly lengthy demonstration of numerous safety tips.
The film ends with the suggestion that lovely coeds will be yours for the asking after you take up motorcycle riding although the very last scene is of the motorcycle officer reviewing the most important safety types.
NiteOwl Review: This film is pretty much like every safety/health film you ever saw in high school. Weak attempts at humor, "actors" with little experience doing lines, stilted dialogue. Peter was obviously the only thing worth watching for the casual viewer. The film does give valuable information, but its no Penning Tape in terms of it's ability to demonstrate while entertaining. It would have been interesting to see what Peter could have done with this subject had his company tackled a production on motorcycles.
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