November 27-29, 2000
Peter appeared at the Western Movie Stars Extravaganza held at the Laughlin, Nevada Riverside Resort. There were a lot of no-shows including Robert Fuller, William Smith, James Drury, Andy Prine, George Montgomery (who died shortly thereafter) so fans were gratified to see Peter and the elegant, silver haired Robert Horton and the extremely gregarious Ben Cooper, among others. The photos below were taken by Randy, our web mistress who doesn't pretend to be a photographer.
There was a lot of Lawman merchandise sold during the run of the series, so Peter has been asked to autograph all kinds of things. Randy's lunchbox was not the only one he signed that day, but she had the only thermos. You can imagine how few thermoses survived childhood usage, hers didn't either. She bought this one on eBay. See our Memorabilia section to view other Lawman merchandise.
There was an evening variety show. Mike Moroff,a very personable Hispanic singer and self-professed cross between Garth Brooks and Jessie Ventura, calls Peter "Pedro Cafe." Mike brought Peter on for a rendition of "Que Paso?" Peter is a "Not Ready For Prime Time Singer" with a very pleasant voice who appeared to be having a good time on-stage.
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