"Hot Wheels"
Original air date Sep 29, 1978
Written by Dennis Landra
Directed by Dick Moder

Regular Cast
Lynda Carter as Diana Prince
Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor

Guest Cast
eter Brown as Tim Bolt
ance LeGault as Otis Fiske
ohn Durren as Alfie
on Mitchell as Dr. Samson
uddle Bagley as Shadow
arc Ross as Slim
ohn Lawrence as Foreman
rank Doubleday as Van Driver
NiteOwl Review: Our baby boomer Chick Panel generally likes shows where women get to kick butt. Amazons and women warriors like Xena, Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer rate high with most of us. Although Wonder Woman was not one of our favorites, Peter Brown made this episode worth watching. The series starred Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner, two pleasant, physically attractive nonactors whose stiff dialogue heightened the comic book effect which, to be fair, they may have been going for. We liked Lyle Waggoner a lot on The Carol Burnett Show. We expect he was cast in this show because of his comic book good looks. Peter loosened things up a bit as the charming Inspector Bolt.
Inspector Bolt and Diana Prince cross paths when they both try to intercept the same stolen Rolls Royce at the docks. Bolt is trying to find the head of an auto theft ring which deals in very high end classic cars.
The IADC wants the hood ornament on the Rolls which contains microfilm of a secret enemy weapons system. When the bad guys manage to get away, we have our obligatory, and in this case very brief, clash between the two soon to be working together pair.
In order to infiltrate the gang, Bolt transforms into Arnie Lippincott, car thief extraordinaire. Diana tempts the ophthalmologist who bought the Rolls with a car he wants even more. When they demo the car for him, "Arnie" is taken before gang leader Otis Fiske makes a deal to supply more cars. Now if they can only find the chop shop.
When Bolt meets Diana to pass on his secret film and recordings, he's followed and thrown off the roof by one of Fiske's henchmen forcing Diana to make her whirling transformation in time to save him in the old "doesn't matter how far you fall, if someone catches you at the bottom you're OK" rescue.
Bolt is disgusted when
the Rolls gets away

Bolt making a point
or just pointing?

Steve trying to get
Bolt's attention

which is focused on Diana
A partnership is formed
Spy-ready fashion accessories
Diana getting an eye exam
The mastermind uncovered
Bolt fresh from the
bad guys' car wash

Bolt can't climb back up on the roof
Diana transforms
Wonder Woman to the rescue
Questioning a bad guy
with the golden lasso

Diana is caught in order
to find the chop shop
Bolt pursues even after he learns his car may be wired with a bomb
Bolt catches the bad guys
The chop shop is found under the car wash, the hood ornament is retrieved and the Prince/Bolt partnership is declared a success. As Bolt says, "The best team since Mickey and Minnie."
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