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"Thank you for the great memories with the series, Lawman. God Bless you and your family."
- John W.

"As a fan, I thought maybe I should share one of my own memories of Peter. Hope this is something that will interest you guys! A little backstory: I grew up on re-runs of old westerns such as
Lawman, Laredo, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, etc., and as a small child had a huge crush on Peter. (I'll be 22 in August of this year, 2017.) In late October/early November of 2014, I stumbled across Peter's account on twitter and, after weeks of debating whether I should bother him or not, decided to shoot him a tweet. I logged off shortly after posting, feeling slightly embarrassed, yet hopeful that he would read it, and a few hours later when I logged back on, I was pleasantly surprised to see I had received a reply back. We didn't share many messages/tweets back and forth, but the few we did made me smile every time I saw a new notification from @handshakefilms, and I'll treasure those memories/tweets forever. I'm thankful I stumbled across his twitter account when I did, and that I was lucky enough to "talk" to Peter before his passing last year. A particular conversation about "the fastest gun" will remain one of my favorites. RIP Peter...We all miss you terribly."
- Angelina M.

"To the family of Peter Brown: Just a short note of sympathy on the passing of my boyhood western heroes from the 60s in Australia. These shows will never be repeated sadly. That era is gone. Respectfully please accept my late wishes to the family of Peter Brown." - Peter B., Australia

"Rest in peace." - Lynn E., TX

"Am so sorry to hear of Peter's passing. My first cowboy to really watch. Loved him on
Lawman and Laredo! He was one of the best actors to be on the screen. My prayers to his family. Hope to meet you in heaven  one day. That beautiful smile and chuckle. Thanks for the memories." - Rose H., VA

"RIP! You were always my favorite actor. In our hearts forever. Prayers for the family." - Glenda H., KY

"Just recently learned of Peter's passing. Sincere sympathy to his entire family. I knew Peter back in 71-72 in LA, and he was a sweet guy. He always called me "Dallas" and was such a fun guy. He always gave the gals in my office quite the thrill when he would call from the soundstage at
Days of Our Lives or from the set of a movie he was working on. He had a nice singing voice & played the guitar quite well. Just a really special guy. He will be missed." - Betty S., HI


"So sorry for the loss of your husband and father. I was very young when my mother and dad watched
Laredo and Lawman and we all loved him in both of his roles. And I might add he was a very handsome man and great actor. He will be missed." - Fairy, TX

"I can't believe I missed the news of his passing. I don't believe I saw him mentioned in any of the year end memorials. If he was overlooked, that's a shame. Such a solid actor with a decent body of work. As a youngster, I loved watching him in
Lawman, and I see him pop up in a film or TV rerun now and then. He will be forever alive in memories and on the screens both large and small. RIP Sir." - Don M., WA

"I hate that I just found out this sad news. Peter was always a favorite of mine. RIP good Sir." -
Brenda C., NV

"Like you I am greatly sadden by Peter's death. I was a big fan of his since I was 9 years old. Your site is wonderful and I hope the you continue adding to it. It's a comfort for us all." - Richard S.

"Found out today that Peter had passed away. Saw him first in 'Ride the Wild Surf' and liked him ever since.  Later, rode with Peter in 'Laredo.' Prayers for his soul to be with the Lord Jesus and for peace for all of us who will miss him." - Richard

"Met Peter & his bride, KK 10/25/14 in Glendale, AZ. When my groom, Al & I approached they heard me say, 'there they are.'  Peter turned & said "where've you been, I've been waiting for you." Told him I it took me 56 years to meet him! I was composed, but Al said he thought he'd have to pick me up off the floor! Precious people! Thanks pard for being my heartthrob all these years. Happy trails in Heaven." - Roseanna D., TX

"Hi there. I am a huge fan of Robert Fuller and met Peter through Bob and have many fond memories of festivals and hanging out with the guys. I was greatly saddened to hear of Peter's passing and send my condolences to his lovely wife who we always called 'Red'." - Moira

"My heroes have always been cowboys and Peter Brown was the best. Condolences to his family and friends." - Cathy P.

"Loved your work. Johnny McKay will stay a sweet memory forever." - Unsigned

"Talked with Mr. Brown at convention several years. Said he was involved with a group that was trying to bring back the westerns of the fifties and sixties." - Unsigned

"I am sorry for your loss of a dear lived one. Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that God's true thoughts are of peace for us, not pain. May reflection on his goodness comfort you." - Unsigned

"Really sad to hear about Peter Brown's passing. I remember watching Laredo on reruns with my best friend when I was 9. We really loved that show! :) Wish I could have met him. Condolences to his wife and family." - Anne B., CO

"I just read on Peter's webpage that he passed away. How very sad. It was around the same time that Peter died, I was looking through some old photos I have. I came across a photo of Peter sitting on a couch with his arm around an elderly man. I seem to remember it was either Dean Martin's father or perhaps Peter's father. There was also another man and children sitting on the couch, which I believe may be Dean Martin's son and grandchildren. My wife Juana, was the housekeeper for Dean Martins son and his wife. That is how I came to have this photo. My wife passed away 20+ years ago. Back in those days of Lawman and Laredo, my brother and I used to do a little fast draw. We did it for fun and also in some competition. We used to love to watch and try to impersonate Peter as he drew his gun. I just had to write as I am saddened to hear of Peter's passing. I hope the fan page will remain active. God bless the family. Prayers to all." - Cliff H.

"My all time favorite actor! Sincere condolences to his family." - Lily Rose

"I have just read the sad news of the passing of Peter Brown. I enjoy watching him in the Westerns every time I get the chance. He will live forever there. I had hoped to meet him one day. Very sad news."
- George S.

"May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow." - Lidy M., GA

"Family of Peter Brown: I've enjoyed his work on television and just want to say how sorry I am for you loss. May he RIP." - Anne B.

"You were one of my very favorite Cowboys! You made childhood a lot happier with fantasy. My memories will miss you!" - Sherry R., SC

"You was the best! Nothing more needed. Rest in Peace!!" - John K., NC

"I was so saddened to hear that Peter has passed. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting him at a convention that had many TV Western stars attending. While there, I had a great time talking to Peter; he was, as others have mentioned, very nice and approachable. A cool guy with a great sense of humor. I got a black and white photo of him that he signed for me and now, more than then, I still cherish it. A couple of weeks after that convention, I did a pencil portrait of that photo and Peter was pleased to have me send it
to him. He sent me the most precious 'thank you' note, including a little picture of him from
Lawman - his role in that series was my favorite. Peter, you will be remembered and missed by fans and friends alike. I will never forget your kind words in that little note. Thank you for sharing time with your fans and thank you also for your service to our country." - Skye R., TX

"Met Peter at western festivals. I was always able to have a picture taken with him. He always treated the fans nicely." - Hugh M., MA

"Dear Family of Peter Brown: All of you have my deepest sympathies. I enjoyed watching Mr. Brown on TV. He was such a good actor. May God help all of you during this difficult time." - Cindy S., OH

"My deepest sympathies to Mr. Brown's family. He was a gifted talent that we were lucky enough to enjoy through our televisions and movie screens. He will be truly missed, but we can always visit with him through the TV reruns and DVDs." Maureen W., MA

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort."
- Unsigned, GA

"Love and miss you! You were an awesome actor! RIP!" - Heather S., TX

"Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us." - Unsigned

"Rest Peter, until you hear at dawn, the low, clear reveille of God." - Unsigned

"Thank you for your service to this nation." - Harry S., AZ

"Very sorry for your loss. During these sad days you will need all the comfort to help you all cope.
May these help Reverlation 21:3..5." - Unsigned

"I really enjoyed Mr. Brown's work in
Lawman and Laredo. Condolences on your loss." - Joe O., OK

"I noticed that you posted a brief notice about the death of Peter Brown...I grew up watching Laredo and I always enjoyed watching Peter Brown act. I bought and read his autobiography last year. I am glad he did publish his life story before he died. I only wish I had had the opportunity to meet him."
- Randy T.

"I was so sad to hear about the death of Peter Brown whose clean cut all American good looks brought
so much pleasure for so many years. - Steve M.

"To the Brown family: I am very sorry for your loss. I am a big fan of Peter's work, especially on
Lawman, where I first saw him as a youngster. May he rest in peace." - Philip L.

"In Sympathy. My condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Peter Brown on his passing."
- Paul C.

"My deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Peter Brown. He was so handsome and I loved watching him
in westerns. God Bless." - Mary, TX

"I am bummed to just now hear of Peter's death. I have kept up with him over the years and will
miss him dearly. In fact, it is ironic but I just got GET TV a few months ago and
Laredo is one of
the westerns they show and I am taping it as we speak. This hits me hard..." - Wanda

"Thank you Peter for your contributions to acting and television. Rest in Peace." - Unsigned, MA

"I am sorry to read of the passing of Peter Brown and wish his family my deepest sympathy. I watched those daytime shows that Peter was in. Thank you Peter for your contributions to acting and television."
- Unsigned, MA

"RIP. I remember Mr. Brown well from
Darby's Rangers and Merrill's Marauders not to mention Laredo. Fine actor. God bless." - Matt M, TN

"Peter Brown is the Greatest Actor on Tv & Movies." - Grady Y., FL

"To The Brown Family: I am so sorry very to hear of Peter Brown passing away; yet we lost another great actor. I saw him on
Young & Restless & Bold & Beautiful, which they are my to favorite soaps...
My thoughts & Prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. RIP Peter Brown!" - Jennifer B., CT

"Peter Brown always seemed like the prototypical good-guy watching him in movies and on TV when I was a kid. I always liked him." - Vic L., MI

"Enjoyed watching Mr. Brown act while growing up in the 50s and 60s. May his precious memories forever be cherished by his family, friends and fans." - H. Taylor, AL

"One of my Favorite Western Actors, This is a sad, day for Western Folklore and You Will be Missed Peter. Gods speed on your Journey, my Friend and Thanks for all of the enjoyment that you brought
us with your talent. Our Hearts go out to your Loved Ones." - David F., TX

"So sorry for your loss...5:7 'Throw your anxiety upon God because he cares for you'." - Unsigned

"May these words of condolence be acceptable to the Brown family. May your memories bring you comfort and God's holy spirit be your peace, for He has said I am the One that is comforting you people..Isa.51:12." - Unsigned, NC

"RIP Peter 1st western I can remember. Thanks for the memories." - Eddie, RI

"Keeping the family in our prayers knowing that God gives strengthen and peace to those suffering the loss of a love one." - V. Clement

Ride The Wild Surf...thank you so very much for all that you have done, Mr. Peter Brown! Surf's up, Brah!!!!" - Mike G., IN

"Had a little crush on Peter in my youth. My sympathy to his family." - Unsigned, NC

"Please accept my condolences, sorry for your loss. Yes, I enjoyed watching Peter Brown on television. May your many memories bring you comfort. Matthew 11:28,29,30." - Unsigned, GA

"Kerstin and family: I am so very sorry to hear of Peter's passing. I followed him regularly on Twitter and he answered me personally several times. He was my very first movie star crush, he was an incredibly handsome man! Kerstin, he spoke of you so often on Twitter and everyone who followed him knew he loved you dearly. Rest in Eternal Peace Peter, you will be missed." - Julie W., KY

"Sweet memories. Rest in peace." - JoAnn, TX

"My heart is broken. You were my very first love at the age of 5 when you were on
Lawman. My mother used to laugh at me when the show would come on because I would sit about 2 inches from the screen to watch you. Peter, I thought you would live forever. Thank you for everything that you gave to me and this world." - Libby G., TN

"To the Brown Family: Thank you for sharing him with the world. I thought there was no man better than Chad Cooper. I loved him in that role as well as many others. Rest in Peace Peter and its not goodbye, but see you later." - Reena B., FL

"May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow." - G. Freeman

"May your family find peace and comfort in knowing sickness, pain and death will one day be gone for this has been promised." - Unsigned

"I am so sorry to hear of Peter Brown's passing. He was always one of my favorite actors on tv. A handsome and talented man." - Phyllis B., CT

"RIP Peter. Love the
Lawman. They were times when America was great." - Gerald N., PA

"Rest with God. Your time here is done. Thanks for all the wonderful westerns and memories. Prayers for family during your home going." - Bob L., TX

"We will always cherish the beautiful memories of Peter. Our heart is with you in your time of sorrow. (Matt. 11:28-30)" - Uly & Lula

"I am so sorry to hear Peter has died, he was one of my favorite actors, I loved him in everything he was in. Bless his family. He will be missed." - Lora C., MI

"I got to meet Peter on a trip to Las Vegas. He was doing a signing at Ballys with other TV stars. He was approachable, and friendly. He was like a rock star cowboy, so cool. He will be missed." - Blacky

"RIP" - "Linda T., OH

"I so had a crush on Chad Cooper. I loved Peter on many shows, but especially
Lawman and Laredo. Had the privilege of meeting Peter along with Bill and Rob in Memphis and Kerstin and Peter in Denison. I have a signed pic of Peter and John Russell at my work station along with a pic taken by Kerstin of my friends Sandra and Elizabeth and myself. RIP Peter. We miss you, but your talent lives on." - Marilyn C., OK

"A Shining Star. Rest in peace Peter." - Roselle, NJ

"Rest in Peace." - Scott C., ME

"So sorry to learn another favorite entertainer has died. My condolences and prayers to the family of Peter Brown. We have enjoyed seeing him through the years. He was loved by many and will be greatly missed." - Marcia B., IL

"I'm sending my sincere condolences to the family. May you find comfort in the thought found at Isaiah 61:1,2 which reads in part, 'God sent his son to bind up the brokenhearted and to comfort those who mourn.'" - Monica M.

"Peter Brown is by far one of the most talented actors in the business. My favorite was always
Laredo even though I know he did much more. I had the privilege of meeting and visiting with him on 3 different occasions in Scottsdale and Memphis. He was always kind. One year I made him a wall hanging with pictures of my favorite episodes. He made me feel so special as he accepted it. I thrill of a life time for me. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. My deepest condolences to his wife, children and friends. RIP Peter Brown!" - Jane G., OK

"I enjoyed Peter's work on TV. He was always 'easy' on the eyes. Rest in peace." - Unsigned

"In the 70s, I enjoyed Mr. Brown's character, Greg, on
Day's. He and Ms. Mary Fran's character, Amanda, made for a cute and long remembering couple. I am sorry for his families loss. May he Rest In Peace." - Carmen L., Midwest

"Our condolences to the family. He will be missed by all who enjoyed him in movies, the soaps and just as his long time friends and relatives. May the God who gives peace be with all of you." - Unsigned

"Condolences to the family. Peter is the person I got bit by the acting bug by." - JR

"I liked the show
Laredo and really enjoyed interactions with you and the cast members. Laredo is still one of my favorite shows. Rest in peace Mr. Brown." - Sharlene J., TX

"To The Family: So sorry to hear of Peter Brown's passing. I will forever have the fondest memories
of him on
Laredo, Young & the Restless & Days. He was such a wonderful actor. May God surround your family with healing graces & mercies during this difficult time of loss. RIP Peter." - Carolyn M., NY

"So sorry to read about Peter passing away....I remember him well, when back in the 80s I was a member of the Tucson Classics and I had several fun conversations with him and also a picture with him that I treasure....My condolences to all of his family and closest friends....Always remember he is never gone and will live within you forever." - Darlene S., ID

"One of my favorite cowboys. My sympathies to his family. Met him once." - Maryann, MI

"Prayers and condolences to Peter Brown's family on the loss of their loved one. As one of his many fans, I always enjoyed Peter's work in all his works. May you rest in peace, Amen." - "GG" B., TX

"He was a great actor. To his family my heartfelt condolences Rest In Peace Peter. God Bless!"
- Matt, FL

"R.I.P. Loved your work. You were a great guy." - Unsigned

"I remember watching Peter Brown in
Lawman during the golden days of TV westerns...always did a fine job. My condolences to his family and friends during this sad and difficult time." - Les B., NJ

"RIP" - Alice Q., TX

"I watched him on
Lawman. He was a very handsome young actor and a good one..." - David C., KY
A small and private "Celebration of Life" service was held in Phoenix for immediate family and a few close friends. If you would like to honor Peter's memory, in lieu of flowers or gifts, please consider a donation to The Horse Shelter in New Mexico.
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On behalf of Peter's family, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your wonderful messages following Peter's death. We will be collecting and posting them, so if you would like to express your condolences to Peter's family or if you have a special memory about Peter to share, we will be delighted to post your thoughts here. Use the email link below to send in your message.