#1 - "Lazyfoot, Where Are You?"
1965 - 1966
Lazyfoot and his renegades have eluded the Rangers so Reese, Chad
and Joe are sent to find them with reinforcements to follow. While undercover as prospectors, the boys meet Grubby Sully in Aggie's saloon. He claims to need partners to get to his gold mine in territory controlled by Lazyfoot. Chad and Joe join him, leaving Reese behind by leading the sheriff to believe he's a sheep rustler. When the three are captured by Lazyfoot, Reese frees only Grubby who leads Reese to his mine.
Reese returns and infiltrates the renegade band in disguise, frees the boys and helps thwart an ambush of the Captain and his reinforcements. He then takes off to the mine leaving Chad and Joe with the captured Gattling gun. They get credit for the rescue and let the Captain think Reese deserted them to look for gold. In the end,the boys discover Grubby's mine is nothing but planted fool's gold. He just needed their help to get past Lazyfoot. In the end, they watch him disappear over the mountain to get to his real mine alone.
NiteOwl Review: This premiere episode (although reportedly not the first one filmed) showcased the elements that typified the series. Chad devised schemes to get rich. Joe backed the schemes and fought the bad guys. Reese, the perfect dupe, is tricked into the bullring so Chad and Joe can place bets, goaded into a saloon brawl for their amusement. He's jailed under false pretenses so Chad and Joe can ride off to find gold and then talked into the bull ring again so Chad and Joe can recoup their previous losses. Chad and Joe's capture provided the perfect excuse for a little beefcake. A decent choice for the first episode although we think "Rendezvous at Arillo" would have been the best choice. Definitely a top ten recommendation for collectors.
Original air date Sep 16, 1965
Directed by Paul Stanley
Teleplay by Calvin Clements

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
urgess Meredith as Grubby
everly Garland as Aggie
ario Alcalde as Lazyfoot
arry Hickcox as Sheriff
eo Gordon as Moose
ern Hoffman as town drunk
orothy Dells as saloon girl
rnest Anderson as bartender
enry Wills as Sombrero Indian
on Burke as cowpoke
ave Perna as partner
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