#3 - "Yahoo"
1965 - 1966
New Hampshire deputy constable Clendon MacMillan comes to Laredo to apply his sophisticated law enforcement techniques and methods to the most primitive law enforcement organization in the country, the Texas Rangers.
MacMillan tries to escape using Running Antelope as a shield. He's shocked the gang has no qualms about shooting right through their leader after which they are gunned down by the rangers.
In the end, Macmillan "regretfully" turns down a new ranger assignment. He decides he's needed back in New Hampshire and leaves Laredo on the first stage.
NiteOwl Review: Another of our top ten favorites. Martin Milner did an admirable job of playing against the Rangers. It was fun watching Chad and Joe rile Reese with their false admiration for the new ranger from New Hampshire. This series had a number of top notch guest stars in the first episodes.
The Indians of Laredo: The manner in which Indians were portrayed on Laredo was not one of its strong suits, despite the fact that Ranger Joe Riley was raised by Indians after his parents were killed. (In one episode Joe claims he can tell when Indians are close because his toes curl.) Political correctness aside, Indians seemed unduly one dimensional for a series made in the second half of the 1960s. As a series slanted toward the lighter side, Laredo was not strong on character development in general. However, Indians fared worse than Mexicans, low-life whites and other villains. James Michener's fact-based novel "Texas" provides some insight into the relationship between the Texas Rangers and several Indian tribes the rangers helped exterminate in Texas.

The murderous, licorice-eating Linda Little Trees made three additional appearances in
Laredo. When she returned, the attractive X Brands had been replaced by "Joe Pesci type" Ralph Manza as Blue Dog, now Little Trees' comical, frustrated suitor. Drunken thug Running Antelope was killed in this episode but actor Cliff Osmond returned in the second season as the educated, well dressed Midas Mantee.
MacMillan is sent out with Chad, Joe and Reese to find Running Antelope and his gang who are burning and looting Texas towns. MacMillan angers Reese with his contemptuous attitude toward the rangers. Chad and Joe irritate Reese by pretending to be in awe of MacMillan's tracking skills, as well as his daily bathing. MacMillan is captured by Running Antelope after being duped by Linda Little Trees into freeing her from jail so he can help bring peace with the Indians.
"Welcome to the Rangers"
An enthusiastic start
Martin Milner and Shelley Morrison
Cliff Osmond
Shelley Morrison
X Brands
Original air date Sep 30, 1965
Directed by David Lowell Rich
Written by John D.F. Black

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
artin Milner as Clendon MacMillan
liff Osmond as Running Antelope
ub Taylor as Marshall Denny Moran
helley Morrison as Linda Little Trees
ill Walker as Ulmer Applin
am Edwards as Sammy
ohn Mitchum as George
ohn Cliff as Leo
rands as Blue Dog
illiam Vaughn as Clyde
arianne Gordon as lady
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