"The Theory of Revolution"
The A-Team (1983-1987) was strong on stunts and special effects with humor and action carrying improbable plots. Although it was a show that might be condemned for violence by a tv watchdog group, the violence was Disney-like violence where seldom did anyone, friend or foe, actually suffer significant injury. This episode is from the final season. During previous seasons, the four members of The A-Team were hunted criminals, having been wrongly accused of a crime while serving in Viet Nam. For this final season they emerged from a guilty verdict at a court martial to become to undercover agents under the direction of General Stockwell to work off their supposed debt to society. A fifth member, Eddie Valez as Frankie Sanchez, was added to the team.
Stockwell and his lovely assistant Carla interrupt an party to give them their latest assignment, rescue three Americans held prisoner on the island dictatorship of San Marcos. Supposedly, Ted Burke (Peter) and two friends strayed into San Marcos territorial waters while on a little cruise. As with Mission Impossible before it, should the team fail they will not be rescued by the United States government. They have 24 hours to complete their mission and be on the beach for pick-up.
Being the men of the people that they are, the guys don't settle for merely rescuing the three Americans. They mingle with the downtrodden citizens, meet a beautiful woman for Sanchez to fall in love with, are helped by a cute kid and join revolutionaries trying to to overthrow the evil President Martine who is apparently making nice with a Russian General.
Once Face gets himself thrown in jail with the three American captives, he finds the real reason the guys were called up. Ted and his friends are from The Company. Their pleasure boat is actually equipped with the latest anti-submarine technology which is what has interested the Russians.
Face gets the mandatory beating (which doesn't show the next day) before pyrotechnics lets them all escape.
The boys make it to the beach in time for pickup by Stockwell's men. But when The A-Team finds out that their revolutionary friends are going to be hung in retaliation for the escape of the prisoners, they have to go back. Ted and his friends are grateful for the rescue but say they can't get involved in a civil war. (What, can't even save the folks who are being executed for saving their lives?) So they take off in the raft and will arrange for the team to be picked up in three hours.
Luckily for the good guys, television executioners usually dress in identity-concealing disguises, making infiltration by the good guys a little easier.
More pyrotechnics followed by a loving goodbye.
NiteOwl Review: If you like stunts and big effects you might be an A-Team fan. If you like a buddy relationship show you might write fan fiction. Fanfic writers have made much more from the bonds of loyalty and friendship than the script writers ever did. This is true for many shows, but A-Team fanfic authors had to start almost from scratch. Peter's part in this episode is too small to warrant taking too much trouble or expense to collect it unless you're a completist. But The A-Team is widely syndicated so when they get to the final season (anything with Robert Vaughn in it) you might check the listings for this episode.
Original air date Oct 24, 1986
Directed by Sidney Hayers
Written by Steven L. Sears

Regular Cast
George Peppard as "Hannibal"
Dirk Benedict as "Faceman"
Dwight Schultz as Murdock
Mr. T as B.A.
Robert Vaughn as Stockwell
Eddie Valez as Frankie

Guest Cast
Alejandro Rey as Commandant
Pepe Serna as Tomas
Castula Gierra as Martien
V. Skomarovsky as Anatoly
Peter Brown as Ted Burke
Judith Ledford as Carla
Tasia Valenza as Bonita
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