Original air date Jan 15, 1982
Directed by Victor French
Teleplay by David Jacobs
    & Linda Elstad

Regular Cast
Barbara Bel Geddes as Ellie Ewing
Patrick Duff
y as Bobby Ewing
Linda Gray
as Sue Ellen Ewing
Larry Hagman
as J.R. Ewing
Susan Howard
as Donna Krebbs
Steve Kanaly
as Ray Krebbs
Ken Kercheval
as Cliff Barnes
Victoria Principal
as Pamela Ewing
Charlene Tilton
as Lucy Ewing

Guest Cast
Leigh McCloskey as Mitch Cooper
Audrey Landers
as Afton Cooper
Morgan Woodward
as Marvin Anderson
Diane McBai
n as Dee Dee Webster
O. Petrie as Harv Smithfield
Jim McKrell
as Henry Webster
Peter Brown as Tom Flintoff
Peter's role in this episode of Dallas was really a cameo appearance. He played Tom Flintoff, an opportunist turned unwanted suitor for newly divorced Sue Ellen Ewing.

Tom is introduced to Sue Ellen by the hostess of a cocktail party. It is immediately apparent that Sue Ellen is not interested in Tom. But Tom, assuming she's desperate for male attention after her divorce, sees Sue Ellen as an easy conquest.

Later that evening, while Sue Ellen is talking to Cliff Barnes on the telephone, someone knocks at her front door. She lays down the phone to answer the door. It's Tom. He followed her home. Sue Ellen is courteous but firm that she's not interested in him.
The hostess is played by Diane McBain,
the girl Peter "photodated" per the 1960 article in
TV Star Parade magazine. (See it
in the Memorabilia section of this site.)

Tom doesn't take the hint and steals a kiss, which makes her furious. She orders Tom to leave. As he goes out the door, he turns and says it's just a matter of time. Soon she'll be so lonely that next time she'll come to him and he may not want her then.

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