Peter participated in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition and was barely edged out by Bruce Boxleitner. This is a heavy duty competition requiring both excellent riding and shooting skills. In addition to the shooting competition, the celebrities (including those not participating in the shooting competition), had autograph signing sessions for the fans.
Dale Robertson's fan took the pictures below and kindly shared them with us. Thanks Laura!
The little gal sitting on Peter's lap is Laura's internet acquaintance who flew all the way from Salisbury, England to meet Dale Robertson. She may have come to see Dale, but we'd say she got her money's worth with Peter.
If you have any pictures or video of the mounted shooting competition, we'd love to have scans or video grabs.
The Festival of the West was not just a celebrity event. There were two huge tents covering scores of high-end vendors sellng artwork, jewelry, western clothing, boots, books. etc  (not a T-shirt hawker in sight). Lots of great music in both tents. There was rodeo arena where a number of events, including SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) mounted shooting took place. Down below the main tests, in what someone said was a polo field, there were a lot of re-enactors with tents and stages, many selling items for other re-enactors. There was a rock climbing wall, a petting zoo, a wagon pulled by four beautiful draft horses (Percherons I believe although they could have been Belgians). There was nothing exceptional about the food, overpriced as in most such events but not as bad as Disneyland.
The celebrities who showed in addition to Peter were his two amigos Robert Fuller and Alex Cord, Clint Walker, Andrew Prine, Ben Cooper, Dennis Weaver, Buck Taylor, Mary Ellen Kay, Rusty Richards and Lynn Anderson. Bruce Boxleitner had to cancel. There were also several stuntmen including Diamond Farnsworth (Richard's son).
Andrew Prine, Alex Cord, Peter Brown, Rusty Richards, Robert Fuller
For one of the Q & A panels, Peter sat between Alex Cord to his right and Robert Fuller to his left.
Peter, Alex Cord, Lynn Anderson, Ben Cooper and Diamond Farnsworth competed in the celebrity division of the cowboy mounted shooting. In Lawman and Laredo, Peter always rode the tallest horse, but he didn't get that choice here. Alex Cord won the celebrity shoot. It was a shame Bruce Boxleitner wasn't there to defend his title from the previous year.
Real West magazine grabbed up a few of the celebrities and some reenactors to reenact a period photo. That's why no one is smiling. Each of the photos purposefully contained an anachronism.
Alex Cord and Peter are middle front
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Kerstin, Peter and the still beautiful Shirley Jones
Thanks to Peter's wife (then lady friend) Kerstin for the photos.
Robert Fuller and Peter ponder a pool shot while
relaxing at a friend's home after hours.

Robert Fuller, Morgan Woodward and Peter
Ruth Buzzi, Peter and Robert Hoy