Original air date Jan 7, 1989
Directed by James Fargo
Written by Terry D. Nelson

Regular Cast
Fred Dryer as Hunter
Stephanie Kramer as McCall
Charles Hallahan as Capt. Devane

Guest Cast
Scott Jaeck as Kates
Julia Montgomery as Dana
Peter Brown as Fuller
Gerald Castillo as Chavez
William Frankfather as Sanders
Med Flory as Loomis
This TV version of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry lasted in prime time for seven seasons despite a frequent change of timeslots. In this episode, Hunter and his beautiful female partner are looking for a cop killer, an INS cop.
The title "Partners" refers to all the suspects, the dead man's abused widow, the widow's partner in the police department, the partners in A-1 Employment which was under investigation by the dead man and finally the suspected silent partner of whoever was involved in alien smuggling and work paper forgery. Peter plays a seemingly inconsequential executive in a company some of whose workers were supplied by A-1.
However, long experience in series television says that (except in cameo shows like Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder) Peter is too well known an actor to play a totally inconsequential character. And so, after all the other "partners" are put under the microscope, the suspicion falls where it belongs, on Fuller (Peter).
Fuller runs but he can't hide or shoot his way out of this one. We know he's going down and he does.
NiteOwl Review: Peter's part is too small and uninteresting for anyone but a completist. Of course Hunter is widely syndicated so you might record this one for free.
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