"Noses Off"
Original air date Oct 8, 1992
Directed by Andy Ackerman
ten by David Angell

Regular Cast
Tim Daly
as Joe Hackett
Steven Weber
as Brian Hackett
David Schramm
as Roy
Rebecca Schul
l as Fay
Thomas Haden Church
as Lowell
Crystal Bernard as Helen
Tony Shalhoub
as Antonio

Guest Cast
Scott Grimes
as Marty
Peter Brown
as Dr. Lasker
Lana Clarkson
as Janine
Kevin Brief
as Kevin
Scott Williams
as Gil
Wings was a top notch, very funny ensemble series which stayed relatively high in the ratings in its seven year run (1990-1997). Yet it never got the kind of acclaim accorded shows like Seinfeld, MASH, Friends, Cheers, etc. It was the story of two brothers, Joe and Brian Hackett, who run a little one-plane commuter airline on Cape Cod. Joe is the button-down responsible brother while Brian is the womanizing, irresponsible one. However, trite as that premise sounds, excellent writing and very funny supporting cast made this one of the best comedies of the 1990s.
Joe and Brian Hackett
In this episode, Joe is punched in the face by an irate man whose girlfriend went out with a man named Hackett. Of course, the man he was really after was Brian. Brian takes Joe to a plastic surgeon who turns out to be "while we're at it Lasker" who is infamous for talking patients into unneeded surgery.
Sure enough, Lasker mentions that he could take care of the bump on Joe's nose. When it's clear Joe isn't going to bite, he points out the supposedly bigger bump on Brian's nose. Brian, of course, being both vain and insecure, frets over his unsightly nose until he rushes back to Lasker for surgery. While he's goofy under the effects of Demerol, Joe talks him out of the procedure.
NiteOwl Review: This was Peter's second sitcom appearance and his first in the 20 years since he appeared on the third episode of The Bob Newhart Show. It's a damn shame too. Peter fit seamlessly into a genre many actors from dramas, especially westerns, have trouble mastering. Although he has but one central and one minor scene in this episode, his timing and presence was perfect.
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